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Welcome to the Department of Liberal Arts and the Writers’ Guild Certificate Program. Keep reading for information about our Liberal Arts program and courses, including the Writers’ Guild Certificate Program, and how to apply.

SU’s Department of Liberal Arts is in the early stages of formation. The Department aims to provide students with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills to prepare you to contribute to and thrive in a worldwide community. In the initial phase, the emphasis of the courses offered in this department is on mastering written and spoken communication. You will build skills in a transformative online learning environment designed to sharpen your mind and develop your creative talents.

Why Writers Training?

The ascended master Hermes Trismegistus has called for a training program for writers so they can better serve the ascended masters in spreading their teachings through the written word. The goal of the Summit University Writers’ Guild Certificate Program is to inspire and educate aspiring writers to fulfill the master’s request. 

Many spiritual seekers meant to find the teachings of the masters have not done so because the teachings as currently presented do not always meet these seekers where they are at in their lives. Therefore, the goal of the Writers’ Guild Certificate Program is to develop skilled writers who know how to reach spiritual seekers in our contemporary world.

Writers’ Guild Certificate Program

Summit University’s Writers’ Guild Certificate Program prepares students to create inspiring, persuasive writing. The writing program trains students to write effective copy and content to strategize, attract, engage and nurture spiritual seekers. Although the program will focus primarily on persuasive writing, students will also be exposed to other types of writing, such as memoir writing and fiction writing. 

The written word is an instrument of the Holy Spirit.  Students will be trained in writing techniques that render belief transformation through education and radiation, which is the quality of divine feeling you put into your writing. Simply put, students will learn how to write effectively, inspirationally and convincingly about the teachings.

At this time, the Writers’ Guild Certificate Program will take a minimum of two years of part-time study to complete (four 16-week semesters).  As courses are developed, students will be able to accelerate their part-time studies to complete the 9 required credits in a shorter period of time. 

View the curriculum for this program.

ENGL 1281 trains students in strategies to create persuasive writing that is fresh, exciting and jargon-free for spiritual seekers new to the teachings of the ascended masters.  The course will explore marketing concepts such as the Buddha Formula and belief transformation. It will also cover memoir and fiction writing, understanding personas, and writing for micro-communities.

Additional Writers’ Guild courses are currently in development.

Not able to commit to a 9-credit program?

Not able to commit to a 9-credit program right now? You can take the foundational course in the program, ENGL 1281, as an individual course for credit or audit through our Department of General Studies.  (Additional Writers’ Guild courses are currently in development and will be available for credit or audit in the future.) Learn more here.

What you need to know about the Writers Guild Certificate Program?

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