History of Summit University

Summit University was founded by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet in 1971.

Historical Timeline
1971 In July, Mark Prophet inaugurated the first session of the Ascended Master University at the Motherhouse in Santa Barbara.
1973 In September, Elizabeth Clare Prophet inaugurated the first full-time twelve-week session of Summit University, also at the Motherhouse, where she taught three quarters per year. Levels I, II, and III were taught at progressively deeper levels of understanding. She envisioned Summit University as having five levels of teachings and assimilation. Records indicate the Levels Four and Five were never taught as classroom programs.
1975-1976 When Summit University outgrew the Motherhouse, it was held in Colorado Springs, then at the Nazarene campus in Pasadena.
1978 Summit University convened at the campus, Camelot, in Malibu, California. It was set up on the quarter system; there were also two-week summer retreats. Mrs. Prophet envisioned a work-study program whereby students would attend twelve weeks of Summit University, then work for another twelve weeks. Students were encouraged to participate; however, few were able to do so. Instead, during some quarters students worked two afternoons per week within the community.
1980 In January, the first Montessori International Teacher Training course was offered.
1984-1987 Elizabeth Clare Prophet again envisioned a work-study program, this time with Level II students, in order to help complete projects at the Royal Teton Ranch, which had recently been purchased as the future home of Church Universal and Triumphant and Summit University. Students could work for nine months and then attend Summit University in exchange for their work.
1988-1992 Summit University convened at the Royal Teton Ranch for twelve weeks starting with winter quarter. Three twelve-week sessions were held each year—fall, winter and spring—as well as summer courses, weekend seminars, and two-week retreats.
1993 The first Spanish translation of an SU quarter was offered that summer.
1994 The first Portuguese translation of an SU quarter was offered that summer.
1997 Summit University reduced its offering to a twelve-day seminar in San Diego following the summer conference there. It included translations in Spanish and Portuguese.
1998 A ten-day seminar was held following the summer conference in San Diego, which included translations in Spanish and Portuguese. This was the last Summit University session taught by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
1999 It was decided that Summit University should be made more accessible to students around the world, resulting in short and mobile SU seminars.
1999-Present Summit University seminars are currently conducted from two to five days or longer throughout the year. More than half of the current seminars are held outside of the United States.
2001-2003 Minneapolis hosted the Internet broadcast of SU courses that were six to twelve weeks long.
2010 In August, online extension courses on popular SU topics were offered that were six or seven units long.
2013 In August, Summit University Online began offering semester courses and certificate programs through the Online School of Theology and Spiritual Studies.

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