Department of Liberal Arts

SU’s Department of Liberal Arts is in the early stages of formation. The Department aims to provide students with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills to prepare you to contribute to and thrive in a worldwide community. In the initial phase, the emphasis of the courses offered in this department is on mastering written […]

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Getting Started at Summit University

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Summit University’s online academic programs and courses.   Explore Summit University’s new online programs: Ministerial Studies, Leadership Studies and General Studies.  Keep reading to learn more! What is Summit University? There is factual learning and then there is personal transformative learning. Summit University has been on the forefront of […]

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Presentation on School of Theology and Spiritual Studies programs

On March 30, 2013, Rev. Carla Groenewegen, Director of Summit University, gave a brief presentation unveiling the new SU online School of Theology and Spiritual Studies.  Watch the replay here.

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Curriculum for the Writers’ Guild Certificate Program

The curriculum for the Writers’ Guild Training Certificate Program covers a spectrum of required and elective courses.

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General Program Information

Summit University® Online is a post-secondary certificate-granting institution. It confers non-degree certificates, not academic degrees. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for the program(s) in which they have enrolled. Read more to learn about general program information and policies.

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Our Philosophy – REAL useful education

Our philosophy is to impart real, useful education. Summit University embodies relevant, enlightening, advanced learning for those interested in pursuing spiritual understanding braided with secular knowledge.

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A Unique Learning Experience

In Summit University Online, we approach the evaluation of student learning from a threefold perspective. We want our students’ learning to be Informative (acquiring knowledge and skills), Formative (forming or strengthening one’s character, worldview and ethics), and Transformative (helping our students grow spiritually, including deepening and strengthening the tie with their Higher Self). This I.F.T. […]

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Department of Ministerial Studies

Welcome to the Department of Ministerial Studies. This is one of three departments under Summit University’s School of Theology. Keep reading for information about our Ministerial Studies programs and courses and how to apply. Summit University’s online ministerial studies are for you if… You feel a profound calling to offer spiritual and practical assistance to […]

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Department of Leadership Studies

Welcome to the Department of Leadership Studies. This is one of three departments under Summit University’s School of Theology.  Keep reading for information about our leadership program and courses and how to apply. Why Leadership Studies? The world we live in is in dire need of heart-centered, well-trained leaders in many fields, courageous people who […]

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