Auditing Courses

Are you interested in a particular subject matter offered by SU Online yet do not want to receive a grade or earn credits? You may apply to audit General Studies courses each semester for a reduced tuition fee of $85 per credit plus a $20 tech support fee per credit. (See Tuition and Fees for more information.)

Students who audit have access to all course materials and to the instructor. They determine to what extent they want to participate in class work, forums, and assignments. They may submit assignments but their work will not be graded, and they will not receive a course or program grade. Textbooks are optional. No Certificate of Completion and no credits are awarded for auditing courses.

How to Apply

Those who wish to audit must apply to the School of Theology and Spiritual Studies’ General Studies Audit program. The application process for auditing courses is the same as for credit courses; and applications and the one-time $100 application fee must be submitted during open application periods. Students who are accepted into the program will purchase and register for courses online at the Summit University website during designated registration periods.

Students who audit a course and later decide to take that course for credit will need to purchase, register for, and retake the course.

Students who are currently enrolled in SU Online programs do not need to reapply and may register to audit courses that are not required for their certificates.

Available Courses

View the list of available courses for audit.

See the Course Catalog for a list of courses that are currently offered or will be offered in the upcoming semester.

Auditing Courses as a Group

Want to audit courses as a group in your local Summit Lighthouse Study Group or Teaching Center?  Check out our Group Audit Policy.

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