A Unique Learning Experience

In Summit University Online, we approach the evaluation of student learning from a threefold perspective. We want our students’ learning to be Informative (acquiring knowledge and skills), Formative (forming or strengthening one’s character, worldview and ethics), and Transformative (helping our students grow spiritually, including deepening and strengthening the tie with their Higher Self).

This I.F.T. formula is built into every course, in different proportions relative to the nature of the subject matter. It will make your learning experience truly invaluable and unique.

Assessment and Evaluation

Summit University assesses student work through fair and impartial evaluation. Student work may include written assignments, projects, discussion forums, practicums, self-assessments, journaling, and exercises as well as mentorships and Intensives where appropriate.

  • Written assignments and midterm/final projects are evaluated on a grading scale where 93-100=A.
  • Experience-based components, such as practicums and self-assessments, are evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • Students receive their grades via private grade report in Moodle.
  • Discussion forum requirements are set by individual instructors. Please contact your instructor regarding participation requirements.
  • Students who are not participating in a timely manner are notified electronically that they need to catch up.
  • Certification students who do not maintain the necessary grade point average are contacted by the Registrar.
  • Requests for late submission of assignments must be negotiated with the instructor. Late work is discouraged and may be lowered one grade.
  • Students who attend Intensives are evaluated on attendance, participation in group conversations, written exams and assignments.

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