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Fall Semester 2022


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COMS 1101 Public Speaking
EDUC 1233 Foundations of a Home-Centered Spiritual Culture
EDUC 1380 Outreach Principles and Techniques in The Summit Lighthouse
ENGL 1225 English Writing Skills *NEW Fall 2021*
ENGL 1275 Writing for Social Media *NEW Fall 2021*
ENGL 1281 Writers’ Guild Training – Fundamentals
LEAD 1101 Principles and Practice of Servant Leadership
LEAD 1105 Practical Leadership Skills 1
LEAD 2105 Practical Leadership Skills 2
LEAD 2150 Leadership Practicum
MINS 1000 Mentoring Program
MINS 1110 Homiletics 1
MINS 1650 Intensive: Pastoral Assistance
MINS 2000 Mentoring Program
MINS 2110 Homiletics 2
MINS 2380 The Universal Principles of Spiritual Community
MINS 2603 Foundations of Family Ministry
MINS 2610 Pastoral Counseling and Care
MINS 2650 Intensive: The Aquarian-Age Minister
MINS 2770 The Holy Spirit: Fire from Heaven
MINS 2780 CUT Sacraments and Holy Orders
MINS 3280 A Spiritual Perspective on the Issues of Our Time
POLI 1101 Spiritual Principles of Government
PSYC 1201 Spiritual Psychology 1
PSYC 2201 Spiritual Psychology 2
RELS 1005 Survey of the World Religions
RELS 1080 Understanding the Teachings of the Ascended Masters
RELS 1085 Survey of The Summit Lighthouse
RELS 1180 The Science of the Spoken Word
SOCW 2603 Basics of Senior Care
SOCW 2605 End-of-Life Care in The Summit Lighthouse

Previous Semesters

Click on a semester to see a list of courses offered during the semester.

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Spring Semester 2021
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