Absence from Program

Students in all certificate programs or taking individual courses for credit who do not complete any course credits in six semesters (three years) are required to submit an essay explaining their absence and why they are now ready to continue their SU program studies. They may also be asked to speak with an SU representative.

After an absence of 10 semesters (five years), students will be required to reapply if they wish to resume their certificate program. All credits earned within the past 10 years will be honored.

After 20 semesters (10 years) from date of the completion of a credit, the credit will expire if the student’s program has not been completed. Any course(s) taken 10 or more years ago would need to be retaken.

Audit students are not required to complete a certificate program and do not earn any credits that might expire. Therefore the above Absence from Program timelines and polices do not apply to audit students.

We reserve the right to change the curriculum and courses without prior notification. The above information is effective December 1, 2015.


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