Our Philosophy – REAL useful education

Our philosophy is to impart real, useful education. Summit University embodies relevant, enlightening, advanced learning for those interested in pursuing spiritual understanding braided with secular knowledge.

R – Relevant

Why spend five or six years – and tens of thousands of dollars – pursuing an academic education that does little more than pass you on, cookie-cut, to a world that seems to care for not much else than preserving the status quo? At SU we believe that each soul is born with a fiery mission, a unique purpose that is indispensable for making our planet a better place for all. Your mission is a precious gift that you alone can embrace and let blossom. Our programs are designed to help you unlock the unique you-ness that, when equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, will set the world around you on fire.

E – Enlightening

Educating the mind alone is not enough. You have deeper, wiser faculties, vaster reaches into the realm of intuitive, heart-centered understanding. At SU we educate the whole human being; we aim to help you integrate with your higher mind, which is the true source of understanding and enlightenment. We bring you a holistic experience that helps you pursue profound self-knowledge and self-transformation, chiseling your character and shaping you for the positive impact you know in your heart you would like to make on the world.

A – Advanced

We are not satisfied with teaching you what you can get at any other institution of learning. Rather, your education will straddle the world of the known and the world that lies just beyond  the frontier between science and spirituality. We firmly believe that there is more betwixt heaven and earth than men dream of in their philosophy. Life in all its fullness is beckoning you to dive in and saturate yourself with an enlightened understanding of our native universe.

L – Learning

Here at SU we think of learning as threefold. First of all, our learning is informative: you need the facts as well as the ability to interpret them correctly and use them intelligently to attain your purpose. Our learning is formative: it offers you lots of opportunities to strengthen and sculpt your character into what you want it to be, and gives you the skills you need to go out and be that unique you. Our learning is transformative: you’ll reach new depths of self-understanding, purpose and the true, spirit-centered ability to make a real difference in the world.

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