Online Resources Policy

Summit University’s online resources (Moodle, website, email, etc.) are used for delivering curriculum and related resources, conducting online classes, and communicating between students, faculty and staff. They are a privilege to the student, provided as an educational service.

Summit University reserves the right to share your name and contact information with appropriate individuals under legitimate legal and educational circumstances.

Users of Summit University online resources consent to respect the guidelines below regarding online resources.  They agree to:

  • Be truthful and accurate in personal identification
  • Maintain the security of their Summit University user accounts, including passwords and login information
  • Ensure that only the enrolled student logs into his or her online course room. Family members or friends may not log in to communicate with the instructor or to access a student’s information.
  • Ensure that the same student who registers for the course participates in and completes the course, and receives the academic credit
  • Avoid the use of SU email accounts or forums to solicit business or promote services
  • Respect the privacy of other students, faculty and staff by not publishing another’s personal information (home address, email address, phone number, personal experiences, etc.) without his or her consent.
  • Create messages that are civil and always related to the particular discussion
  • Ensure the security of electronic resources by exercising care to avoid uploading viruses or corrupt files. Questions regarding questionable files should be addressed to Technical Support.
  • Apply all other academic policies to Summit University online resources.

Class Forum Posts

While a class is in progress, the instructor may, if necessary, delete student posts that are inappropriate or that violate the Student Code of Conduct. Students can also remove their own posts within thirty minutes of the posting time.

It is best practice for all students to double-check their class posts and submissions to make sure that the items:

  • Were indeed submitted
  • Were posted to the correct location
  • Contain the intended information
  • Conform to appropriate standards for spelling and grammar, as described in the formatting guidelines posted in Moodle
  • Conform to the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Guidelines



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