Curriculum for the Writers’ Guild Certificate Program

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The curriculum for the Writers’ Guild Certificate Program covers a spectrum of required and elective courses.

Total credits required: 9

Required Courses (5 credits)

  • RELS 1080 – Understanding the Teachings of the Ascended Masters (3
  • ENGL 1281 – Writers Guild Training – Fundamentals (2 cr.)

Writing Electives (3 credits)

  • ENGL 1225 – English Writing Skills (1 cr.)
  • ENGL 1275 – Writing for Social Media (1 cr.)

Students will be required to complete at least 3 credits of writing course electives in addition to their required courses.  These courses will build on the fundamental skills taught in ENGL 1281 and will go more deeply into specific writing topics.  Course topics may include writing copy, writing for social media, fiction writing, blogging, and vlogging (video blogging).  Course topics are subject to change as the program is developed and the needs of students become more apparent.

Additional Elective (1 credit)

  • COMS 1101 – Public Speaking (1 cr.)
  • EDUC 1380 – Outreach Principles and Techniques in The Summit
        Lighthouse (1 cr.)
  • MINS 2770 – The Holy Spirit: Fire from Heaven (1 cr.)

To see a description of these courses, visit the Course Catalog.

*See the academic calendar for when specific courses will be offered.  Course numberings, titles and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

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