Only students who have applied and been accepted to the SU School of Theology and Spiritual Studies are able to register for credit and audit courses.  Registration takes place in two cycles.  Registration for Session 1 and 3-credit classes opens for the coming semester during the current semester.  Registration for Session 2 classes will open during Session 1 of that semester.  The following table outlines these registration cycles:

   Classes    When to Register
Session 1 and 3-credit classes Register and pay for these classes prior to the start of the semester. Registration will open at the end of the previous semester. For example, you can begin registering for Fall Semester 2021 classes at the end of Spring Semester 2021.

Session 2 classes Register and pay for Session 2 classes during Session 1 of the current semester. For example, you will register and pay for Fall Semester 2021 Session 2 classes, during Fall Semester 2021 Session 1.

Dropping courses

Students are required to add courses and pay their tuition in full before the start of the semester.  During the posted Drop Period, students may drop courses from their semester schedule prior to and during the first week of each session without financial penalties.

Note: If a student drops a course accidentally and would like to re-add it during the late registration period of the session, he or she will need to contact the Registrar and will be charged the late registration fee.

Please see Deferring Courses for details about dropping courses.


As of Fall Semester 2016, Summit University online students will be required to pay in full for their credit and audit courses prior to the start of the semester (or Session 2 for Session 2 classes).  Students can register for all of their classes at once, and then pay for classes on incrementally, as long as they complete their payments before the start of the semester (or Session 2 for Session 2 classes).

See Billings and Payment Options.


We reserve the right to change the curriculum and courses without prior notification. The above information is effective April 15, 2016.


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