SU Tech Support

What is SU Tech Support?

SU Tech Support is a small team of technical support agents that helps students with problems related to their SU Online (Moodle) courses.  Students can ask questions at any time via an online support ticket form.  SU Tech Support is also responsible for Moodle tutorials and the SU Tech Support website.

How do I contact SU Tech Support?

Prospective and student currents can contact SU Tech Support by opening a support ticket at the SU Tech Support website.  An SU Tech Support agent will respond to the ticket within 24 hours.  You can track your ticket using the website link that you are sent via email.  You can open a new support ticket here:

What is the SU Tech Support website?

The SU Tech Support website is a separate SU website (not Moodle or the SU Website) and is the place to find information about common technical problems and to contact the agents.  The site is open to the public and contains both a Knowledge Base and a place to open a new support ticket.

You can visit the website here:

Where can I find answers quickly?

If you are in a rush, you can search the SU Tech Support’s website Knowledge Base for answers to common student questions.  (Use the link above to go to the SU Tech Support website.)  New solutions are being added every week, so keep checking back.  If you don’t find an answer, just open a new support ticket and a tech support agent will respond within 24 hours.

Get live updates on Twitter!

SU Tech Support uses Twitter to provide important announcements and ongoing live updates and technical support information to SU Online students.

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