Auditing Courses as a Group

Summit University welcomes group participation in most of its academic online courses that are open to the general public. This group participation is on an audit basis only; students will not receive academic credit for their course participation. Courses are currently only offered in English.

Guidelines for Group Participation

  1. The group must have 7 people minimally. Participants should feel comfortable studying and conversing in English.
  2. As audit students, participants will have access to the course instructor but are exempt from the course assignments. They will not be able to submit assignments for grading; grades are only shown for automated grading items such as quizzes.
  3. Participants will be placed together in one small group so that they will be able to interact with all other members of their group in the course forums. This will truly enrich the experience for everyone and be the main tool to bring the group together in their studies and transformational journey.
  4. The group’s selected audit course can start at any given date but the dates are dependent on instructor availability. SU will discuss this with you when we receive your request for a group audit course and will make every effort to accommodate your request.
  5. All participants must go through SU’s regular application process and be accepted into the SU online school, and will then be registered as GS-AUDIT students (General Studies—Audit). By being registered in our academic database, each person will be able to take future SU Online courses (for credit or audit) without having to reapply to the school.  (Note: additional application requirements exist for specific programs such as our MSC-B program.)
  6. Students who have already taken academic courses in SU Online do not have to go through the application process again, but will have to pay the discounted course fee.
  7. All participants need to submit their application and pay their application fee by a set date after the group has made its commitment to the course.
  8. Following acceptance into SU, all participants must register and pay for the course no later than a week before the course starts.

Discounted Financial Arrangement for Group Audit Courses (prices per person)

  1. A special 25% discount on the application fee, i.e. $75 instead of the regular $100.
  2. Course fee (group audit): $60 per course credit (instead of the regular $130 per credit).
  3. Tech fee: $15 per credit (instead of the regular $20 per credit). This fee provides access to technical assistance via SU’s ticket-based help desk system.
  4. Each person will also have to purchase the textbooks required for the course (see course descriptions on

Next Steps

When you are ready to discuss your group audit request with Summit University, please contact the SU Registrar:

Karen Brewer

Download a PDF of this information here:
SU Group Audit Policy 2020

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