Admissions Requirements

The admission requirements below apply to Summit University courses taken for credit or audited.


Individuals must be a minimum of 18 years of age to enroll in Summit University Online. Exemptions may be possible in exceptional situations.


The minimum educational requirement for acceptance into Summit University courses is a high school diploma (or international equivalent). Provisional status may be granted in exceptional situations.

Provisional Status

Provisional Status admits a student conditionally to Summit University for one or two semesters. If the student earns at least a B average (as measured by at least two courses), the student is eligible for Full Status.

English Language Requirement

Summit University Online programs are only offered in English and good English language skills are required in order to be successful in the coursework. Non-native English speakers may be asked to submit TOEFL scores or successfully pass an English proficiency test before they are accepted into the program. Complete information about taking the TOEFL test can be found by calling 800-468-6335 or at

On the application you may be asked to rate yourself on how well you can perform the tasks listed below in English:

  • Comprehend instructions and follow directions given in the form of text and videos.
  • Assimilate academic content presented in a variety of mediums such as online text, books, and audio and video clips.
  • Formulate well-crafted written ideas and responses to academic content, with minimal grammatical errors, in the form of short answers and longer papers.
  • Complete exams.
  • Give short oral presentations.
  • Communicate clearly in impromptu online and face-to-face conversations with high levels of understanding.

Accessibility for Students with Disabilities

Summit University Online courses are delivered via Moodle, a web-based learning platform. Students with disabilities must therefore be able to use the computer to access the course and participate in discussion forums and assignments, either through the keyboard or voice-to-speech recognition. Some materials are audio, video or slideshows and need to be seen and/or heard. Students must also be able to complete all course components, such as attending on-site Intensives and doing practicum where required.

Letters of Recommendation

For certificate programs and courses, you will need two letters of recommendation from previous or current employers, teachers, counselors, community or group leaders, or ministers from your local congregation.


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