Changing Course Status (Credit/Audit)

Change of Course Status Option

There may be occasions when an enrolled student wants to change a course status from for-credit to audit status or vice versa. The policy for change of course statuses is explained below.

Changing Status from For-Credit to Audit for Single Courses

For-credit students who have paid in full and who no longer want to submit assignments for grading, but want to receive all of the instructional materials and participate in small group forums may submit a request to the Registrar for a change of status to “audit.” Auditing students have full access to course material, forums and the instructor, but do not have to submit assignments or take exams.

If a student wishes to change to audit status:

  • “Change of Status to Audit” for the class will be noted on the student’s record.
  • A grade of “AUDIT” will appear as the grade for the class on the student’s transcript.
  • A tuition refund will not be issued.

If a student who shifts to audit status for a course wants to receive credit for the course at a later date, the course will need to be re-purchased and retaken for credit.

Changing Course Status from Audit to For-Credit

Students who are auditing a course may not switch to “for-credit” status during the audited course. To receive credit, students must pay the credit tuition and fees and retake the course.

Changing All Courses from For-Credit to Audit or Vice Versa

If a student wants to change all course statuses from for-credit to audit, or vice versa, for the current and future semesters, this constitutes a program change.  Please see the policy on Changing Programs for more information.


We reserve the right to change the curriculum and courses without prior notification. The above information is effective April 11, 2017.


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