MINS 2650 Intensive: The Aquarian-Age Minister

Credits: 1

Number of Days: 4 days, during the annual Spring Break

This course is a required 4-day intensive for Ministerial Training Certificate—Track B students who have completed 12 credits or will complete 12 credits at the conclusion of the semester when the intensive will be held. Intensives are held once a year in the Spring Semester. Locations and dates for intensives will be announced. The costs of travel, housing and meals are the responsibility of the student.

Students will demonstrate skills in preaching and conducting certain sacraments, participate in role playing pastoral care scenarios and engage in group discussions and hands-on training.

Time Commitment: Students should plan to attend the entire 4–day intensive in order to receive credit towards their program.


Required for and available only to students enrolled in:

  • Ministerial Training Certificate Program (Track B)
This information is subject to change without notice.


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