MINS 2000 Mentoring Program

Credits: 0

Number of Weeks: 17

Typically offered in: Fall and Spring

This Mentoring Program is available for current Lay Brothers and Lay Sisters of Church Universal and Triumphant who are enrolled in the Ministerial Training Certificate Program—Track B.   The program provides students with a platform to meet with Ordained Ministers of the Church.  It is designed to assist students to explore the role of being a minister in the Church and in daily life. Homework assignments will be given to facilitate practical application of the knowledge they have gained in their previous and current course work.

Hours per week: Students are expected to meet with their mentor for a minimum of four hours (one hour every four weeks) during the course of the semester.


  • In order to register for this program, students must have completed at least nine program credits in the MTC-B program.

Required for and only available to students enrolled in:

  • Ministerial Training Certificate Program (Track B)
This information is subject to change without notice.


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