COMS 1101 Public Speaking

Credits: 1

Number of Weeks: 8

Typically offered in: Fall

This course will focus on the basic elements of public speaking, including how to write a speech, communicate with clarity, use visual aids, connect with the audience and incorporate humor and stories. The class requires students to present three recorded speeches and to analyze and evaluate other speeches within a small group. The class will provide instruction on how to speak from your heart in ways that will benefit your everyday lives.

This course has a strong emphasis on speech practice.  It requires students to create and submit video recordings of speeches that they write for the class.

Students will be assessed on the following course assignments:


% of Final Grade

Speech One 15%
Speech Two 20%
Speech Three 30%
Written Assignments
Evaluation One 10%
Evaluation Two 10%
Outline 5%
Introduction/Title 5%
Small Group Forums 5%
TOTAL 100%


Hours per week: Students should plan to set aside 5−7 hours per week to complete their weekly course work.  This course consists of eight units, and students are expected to complete one unit per week.

Additional Technology Requirement: ALL COMS 1101 students must have a webcam and know how to make short videos with it. Video-editing knowledge or software is not required for this course.  Please see the SU Tech Support Knowledge base for more information, or contact SU Tech Support with questions.

Textbook Information: COMS 1101 Textbook Information Sheet [PDF]

To take this course, you must be a credit or audit student in the SU Online School of Theology and Spiritual Studies, and it must be a required or elective component of your program of study.  Click here to learn more about the School of Theology.  Interested in applying to the school?  Visit our Application Process page to apply today!

This information is subject to change without notice.


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