Susan KulpRev. Susan Kulp

Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Susan Kulp has been teaching at Summit University since 1990. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and Masters Decree in Psychology/Counseling from Central Michigan University.  She has taught Summit University seminars and retreats in locations throughout the United States and in South America and is currently involved in developing online courses.

Her research interests include the psychology of wholeness and the phenomenon of the Shadow Self as defined by Carl Jung. She researched and compiled the book, Walking with the Master and has published articles on various spiritual topics including, “Activating the Feminine Energies of the Soul,” “The Emerald Matrix—A True Formula for Inner Healing” “Link to the World Community to Transform Consciousness” and “Mastering the Art of Happiness”.

When she has time outside of her university commitments, she enjoys reading, researching, hiking and traveling.

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