Never taken an online course before? See if it’s right for you…
Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you self-motivated?
You will have 6 months to complete your Summit University online Extension course. 6 months is more than enough time, but you will want to set aside personal study time each week.

Do you enjoy working independently?
During this online course you will have the opportunity to connect with other students in the online Forum Discussions and to contact the course instructor by email when needed. But, the majority of your time will be spent studying independently.

Are you comfortable working with technology?
Correspondence with faculty and other students are conducted 100% online. The ability to correspond via e-mail, participate in threaded Forum Discussions, and have access to a reliable Internet connection is mandatory for online learning.  (Click here to learn more about the technical requirements for taking an online course [pdf].)

Do you enjoy a challenge?
There are no established times that you will need to be online in a Forum Discussion or communicating with fellow students. It will be up to you to manage your time and complete your course.  This might be a challenge for you, but we guarantee that you will have a great time engaging in these enlightening courses!

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