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Refund Policy for SU Online Extension Courses

Students will be able to request cancellation of their enrollment in an SU Online Extension Course within the first seven days of their extension course purchase without financial penalties.  Cancellation requests made within 30 days of the date of purchase will incur a deferral fee of 20% of their tuition (14 days for mini courses).  No cancellations will be honored 31 days after the date of purchase of the course (15 days for mini courses), regardless of whether the student has accessed his or her course or not.

Cancellations can be requested by contacting the SU Registrar at  Cancellations will be processed by having tuition/fees credited to the student’s account.  No refunds will be made for dropping courses except in cases where a student can demonstrate financial hardship and/or an inability to access their online course due to technical difficulties.

The refund schedule for SU online extension courses is as follows:

  • Within first 7 days of date of purchase: No penalties; Tuition/fees credited to student’s account.
  • Between 8 and 30 days of date of purchase (Between 8 and 14 days of date of purchase for mini-courses): 20% of tuition will be assessed as a deferral fee (per course); Remaining tuition/fees credited to student’s account.
  • 31 days after date of purchase or later (15 days after date of purchase or later for mini-courses): No cancellations will be honored.

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