SU Online Seminar 2018 Group Registration

How to Register (English Broadcast)

  1. Download the registration form: Click here [PDF].
  2. Complete the form and collect the tuition money from the members of your group.
  3. Email your completed form to on or before November 20.
  4. Summit University will send you additional instructions on how to pay your group’s tuition and connect to the seminar.


Who can participate in a group?

All Keepers of the Flame and those who have a basic knowledge of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters are welcome to participate in a group.

What does SU consider to be a “group”?

According to Summit University, a “group” is two or more people sharing the same computer connection to attend the seminar.

How many people do I need in order to have a group?

Two or more people.

Does each member of the group get their own login information?

No.  The group will get one login to connect one computer to the seminar broadcast.

Who registers the group for the seminar?

Whether you have 2 or 20 people, your group facilitator will be the one that your group chooses to handle registration and receive the login information.

Who should the group facilitator be?

Your group will pick your group facilitator.  Ideally, this should be someone who is good with technology and feels comfortable managing the SU tuition payments for the group and distributing the SU workbook to group members.

What are the benefits of participating in a group?

If you attend SU in a group, you will have the opportunity to participate in discussions and activities with the people right next to you in the room.  For some people this is much preferred to participating at home alone by themselves.  There is no discount for participating in a group.

Is there a discount for participating in a group?

No, due to the nature of this type of seminar, there is no discount for participating in a group.  Each person still needs to pay their own tuition for the SU seminar.

Will replays be available?

Replays of each weekend will be available at the conclusion of the weekend.  You will have access to each weekend’s replays for three months following the weekend.


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