A Match Made in Heaven!

Summit University’s parent organization, The Summit Lighthouse, just released a brand-new eBook on relationships and love.  It’s a great companion to our online extension course, RELS 0301 Relationships: Explore the Mystery of Twin Flames and Soul MatesFrankly, it’s a match made in heaven!

Heavenly Pearls for the Soul: Relationships & LoveCheck out Heavenly Pearls for the Soul, a NEW FREE eBook series from The Summit Lighthouse.  The first eBook, called Relationships & Love, covers such topics as:

  • The soul’s search for divine love
  • The love of twin flames
  • Famous twin flames in history
  • Meet the ascended masters Paul the Venetian and Lady Master Nada
  • Mantras and prayers for helping you with your relationships
  • Teachings from Elizabeth Clare Prophet on divine love
  • And more!


Course - RELS 0301 - imagePair this eBook with Summit University’s online extension course RELS 0301 Relationships: Explore the Mystery of Twin Flames and Soul Mates Our online course gives you a deeper understanding of love, relationships and how to develop and deepen the most important relationship in your life, while nurturing your other relationships.  Learn:

  • The cosmic story of the creation and purpose of twin flames.
  • How to recognize your soul mate or twin flame.
  • Why a loving relationship with your own soul and Higher Self is a key to successful relationships.
  • Marriage as an initiation on the spiritual path.
  • Divorce: How to know when it is time to move on.
  • Keys to wholeness and to mastering interpersonal ties and relationships.
  • Techniques to heal from self-defeating co-dependent relationships.
  • How to give up personal power struggles and see positive soul growth in relationships

Get started now!

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