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Thank you for your interest in and enthusiasm for servant leadership!  Summit University offers several ways to study servant leadership:

1. Leadership Studies Certificate Program

Apply for our 18-credit Leadership Studies Certificate Program and learn about servant leadership, spiritual psychology, spiritual principles of government and more.

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2. Individual Courses for Credit/Audit

Don’t have time to do the full program?  Consider taking one or more individual classes for credit or for audit.  (When you audit a course, you are not obligated to complete assignments, but you also receive no credit for the course.)  We have the following courses available for credit/audit through the Department of General Studies:

  • LEAD 1101 – Principles and Practice of Servant Leadership (3 cr.)
  • LEAD 1105 – Practical Leadership Skills 1 (1 cr.)
  • LEAD 2105 – Practical Leadership Skills 2 (1 cr.)
  • POLI 1101 – Spiritual Principles of Government (3 cr.)
I want to learn more about taking individual courses for credit/audit!

3. LEAP Program for TSL/CUT Board Members:

If you are a board member of a Summit Lighthouse Study Group or a Church Universal and Triumphant Community Teaching Center, then you are eligible to participate in the Leadership Excellence Achievement Program, also known as the LEAP Program.  For details about this program, please email Sharon Shaw at: SAShaw@TSL.org

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