How to Take a Course as a Group

Occasionally Summit University receives requests from groups of people who would like to take an online course offered through our Extension Department together, as opposed to individually.  This may especially be the case for groups in other countries where the majority of the members do not speak English fluently (the only language in which our online courses are currently offered) or several members of the group do not have a computer.  This is possible and very easy to do by following the steps below.

Steps for Taking a Group Course

1. Select a facilitator for your group.  This person will be responsible for:

  • Collecting group member information and money and registering the group through TSL Member & Guest Services,
  • Accessing the online course content and sharing it with the group,
  • Organizing the translation of worksheets (if necessary) and
  • Communicating with the course instructor on behalf of the group if questions come up.

2. The group facilitator needs to sign and submit the Group Facilitator Agreement [PDF] to the SU Registrar (

3. Work with your facilitator to register and pay for the course as a group using the Group Registration Form [PDF]. Submit this form to the SU Registrar ( who will then provide instructions on how to pay. 

  • Group Course Fee: $50 per person

4. Once your group has registered and the group members have paid for the course, your facilitator will be provided with a group course user account that anyone in the group can use to access course material.

5. Begin moving through the course together.  You will have six months to complete the course.

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