Withdrawing from a Program

If a student chooses to withdraw from a program, he or she should contact the Registrar. Credit students who withdraw from their program after Week 1 of any given semester or session do not defer courses they are enrolled in, but will receive a refund of tuition and fees paid for the semester based on the withdrawal refund schedule below, minus an administrative withdrawal fee of $50. This administrative fee will be assessed for withdrawing from two weeks before the semester or session starts to any point during the course(s) the student is enrolled in. Refunds are made within 30 days after the date of the request to withdraw.

Program Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Time of Withdrawal or Dismissal Percentage of Refund
Before the first week of class 100% minus $50
During the first week of class 95% minus $50
During the second week of class 75% minus $50
During the third week of class 50% minus $50
After the third week of class 0% minus $50

We reserve the right to change the curriculum and courses without prior notification. The above information is effective December 1, 2015.


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